Susumu Shingu designs amazing sculptures, which interact with wind and water.  His world-acclaimed, dramatic art displays the power of nature  --  her beautiful and mysterious rhythms.

Wind Caravan is Shingu's most amazing creation : a worldwide art project stretching to the most exotic global locales.  All of which is available to you in regular updates to this website (please bookmark us ! ) via web cam and beautiful photographs : boundless Mongolian grassland, icy fields of the North Pole in Finland, exotic mud villages of Morocco, a South Seas island and much more.  Visit here regularly and with a click of your mouse you will find yourself being pulled away from your daily life, if only for a few moments, to enjoy the beauty he has created and in a dance with the divine winds and waves of nature across the globe.


New Zealand

These sites - none of which are the tourist spots, were selected based on Shingu's instinct as well as his thorough on-site research and study of indigenous people who live in harmony with nature, just like Shingu's exciting art.
For this exciting global project, the artist designed twenty-one lightweight freestanding sculptures (see photo) : which he has dubbed "the Wind Caravan."   Climb aboard and "travel" on this fun and entertaining Wind Caravan as we visit North of the Arctic Circle with the Finnish Sami peoples dwelling with the reindeers, the indigenous people of Morocco, the
Berbère, the Mongols, ancient world-conquerors of the hot, arid epic Mongolian desert, mind-bending South America landscapes, her native peoples; and more.
Local music, dazzling sights, and cultural exchange activities with local residents especially the charming and diverse children will take place.
We invite you to embark on this journey with us.




We update this site regularly, so by coming back, you will explore and meet each new set of indigenous peoples who helped set up the local sites through photos and transcripts.  See the reports from each site containing fascinating insights by dance choreographer Jirí Kylián , art critic Pierre Restany, sculptor Frans Krajcberg, designer Issey Miyake, architect Renzo Piano and Tadao Ando.  These and other leading creators joined the caravan through panel discussions, symposiums, and workshops.   Dr. Izumi Ushiyama, an expert of wind energy, who is also an advisor in designing the windmill of the Wind Caravan, observed the power of wind from a scientific point of view.

Wind Caravan provides a report on the conditions of the Earth and sends out a strong message to the next generation, giving a hint for how we should live on our planet.

Wind Caravan started from Japan's Sanda-city, Hyogo prefecture, the site of Shingu's studio in June, 2000 and finished at the dunes in Ceará, Brazil in December, 2001.

Wind Caravan Executive Committee