Wind Caravan Mongolia

July 15 - 29, 2001
Undur Dov, near Ulan Bator

July 15th (Sun.) - 29th (Sun.) , 2001

Undur Dov, 1500 meters altitude, is located 40 km south of Ulan Bator. The expanse of the green steppe 360 degrees around you is stunning. There is nothing but gently undulating green and vast sky -- except for the faraway shimmering white spots of the nomads' 'ger' tents. The wind which comes across the grass on the steppes carries the fresh fragrance of herbs. At night, innumerable stars in the wide sky give off an amazing brilliance. The nomad children ride around freely and at full gallop on their small Mongolian horses. These vivacious children started the opening ceremony with the Naadam festival. During the time Wind Caravan was exhibited at this site, videos from the previous sites were shown powered by electricity produced from the windmills. The windmill house was always bustling with people -- nomads, visitors from Ulan Bator and tourists.
Wind Caravan Mongolia - In the Midst of the Steppes
July 29, 2001
Susumu Shingu


Wind Caravan Mongolia Opening Ceremony
July 15th(Sun.), 2001  14:00 - 18:00

Wind Caravan site at Undur Dov
In the presence of the Minister of Science, Technology, Education and Culture of Mongolia, Mr. Tsanjid, and the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Hanada, the coordinator, Mr. Urtnasan, gave the opening declaration. Kites with children's illustrations were all flown into the air, and then the Naadam festival -- horse race, wrestling and archery. The site was filled with many horses and spectators.


Activities with Children

120 children gathered at the site on July 14. They drew on the colorful kites which we had prepared for them. Seeing the flying kites with their drawings, the children were really happy with their first such experience.

Shingu gave a talk at the International Camp of Children on July 17, showing videos and picture books. He enjoyed the free talk with the children and responded to a lot of questions.

The Nomads Who Live in the Gers
The nomadic people live in 'ger' tents, which they can easily assemble and disassemble, and move on with their cows, horses, sheep and goats. They produce milk products using dried cow dung as a source of heat. Whenever you visit a ger, you are welcomed with cheese and the drink called 'airag,' made of horse milk.

Organized by : Wind Caravan Executive Committee
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