Wind Caravan Aotearoa (NZ)

November. 11-19, 2000
Motukorea (Browns Island), Auckland, New Zealand


November 11th (Sat.) - 19th (Sun.) , 2000

Motukorea (Browns Island) is a lovely uninhabited island 12 kilometers off Auckland. The grass-covered island, 800 meters in diameter, is a heaven for rare birds, for there are no snakes or animals, and an area strictly preserved by the Department of Conservation. We transported all the parts of the sculptures by helicopter in order not to hurt any nature on the island. The original schedule for the opening on November 4th was postponed for a week until 11th because of the stormy weather and strong gales.
It was remarkable that a lot of people including many Maori children and adults gathered on this island, the sacred land of the Maori people. Many visitors came by yacht, by canoe, by boat and in water taxies during the exhibition period. We stayed overnight in the windmill tent, enjoying the beautiful nature on the island and the friendship with the Maori people.
Wind Caravan Aotearoa (NZ) -- An Encounter with Real Wind
November 30, 2000
Susumu Shingu

Opening Ceremony

Public Lecture by Susumu Shingu
November 10th (Fri.), 2000
(at Auckland City Art Gallery Auditorium)

Wind Caravan Aotearoa (NZ) Opening Ceremony
November 11th (Sat.), 2000
(at Motukorea)

A parade of 21 dinghies
The children of Glendowie Boating Club did a sailing parade to the island with colorful sails designed by the children of Orakei Primary School.

A tour to visit the historic spots
On Motukorea, a sacred island for the Maori, all who participated had the chance to visit the island's historic spots. A leader of one of the Maori tribes guided us and explained to us about the history of the Maori and spirit of Wind Caravan.

Lunch of Sushi rolls
Sushi rolls, made with the rice planted and harvested by Japanese children at the site of Wind Caravan Sanda, were served. 350 children and adults enjoyed a peaceful time out in nature just like a big family.

Organized by : Wind Caravan Executive Committee
Endorsed by : Consulate-General of Japan at Auckland, Auckland City Council, UNESCO
Supported by : Hermès, DDI Corporation, The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Suntory Limited, Extrabitions Limited, Shingu Atelier
Cooperated by : Nippon Express Co., Ltd., Toray Industries, Inc., Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd., Ashikaga Institute of Technology