Wind Caravan Inari Finland

February 10 - 25, 2001
Ukonjärvi, Inari, Finland

February 10th (Sat.) - 25th (Sun.) , 2001

Ukonjärvi is located at the south edge of Lake Inari, Finland's second biggest lake. Twenty-one sculptures and a windmill house were installed on the frozen surface of the lake. During our stay of about one month in Inari, the temperature was, most of the time, between minus 15 and 25 degrees centigrade, and the coldest that we experienced was minus 38 degrees centigrade. The daylight became longer and longer every day, and the low sunlight from the arctic sun made beautiful changes of light at each moment of the day. The Aurora Borealis was observed many times over the sculptures and windmill house on the lake.
Wind Caravan Inari Finland was a joyful experience being with the local people, thanks to the participation of Inari Primary School pupils for the opening parade, the help of students of SAKK Educational Centre of Sami for the installation and dismantling and the generous support of SIIDA Museum. The Sami people who used to lead a nomadic life with reindeer have now settled down, and most of the reindeer herders have other work as well. Although they live in the midst of a severe natural environment, they are good at making use of it and they know how to enjoy it. They are so cheerful and sociable that we became very good friends with them by the time we left Inari.
Wind Caravan Inari Finland - The Warm Memories from the White World
March 1, 2001
Susumu Shingu


Opening Ceremony
February 10th(Sat.), 2001  14:00 - 14:50

Parade of Children
Children from Inari Primary School paraded on skis and reindeer sledges with colorful balloons.
Concert by Wimme
The Sami singer, Wimme Saari, who creates sophisticated music with traditional Joiku, sang three pieces without accompaniment.

Opening Memorial Symposium
February 11th(Sun.), 2001  12:00 - 14:30
Symposium "Wind - Gift of Our Planet" was held in the auditorium in SIIDA.
from left to right : Izumi Ushiyama, Susumu Shingu, Tapio Periäinen, Juha Pentikäinen and Ilmari Laiti
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Exhibits at SIIDA Sami Museum
February 10th(Sat.)-25th(Sun), 2001
  The sails from New Zealand and photographs of the previous sites were exhibited.

Activities with Children

Shingu talked about Wind Caravan, showing videos, to the children of Inari Primary School at SIIDA on February 15.
The children made 21 weather vanes and lumberjack's candles for the children of Morocco.

Observation of Full Moon and Aurora
The full moon made the surface of the frozen lake incredibly light on February 8.
Beautiful aurora borealis was observed over the sculptures all night on February 14. We took photographs and video-filmed all night.

Organized by : Wind Caravan Executive Committee, Wind Caravan Inari Finland Committee
Endorsed by : Ministry of Education of Finland, Embassy of Japan in Finland, Sámi Museum SIIDA, UNESCO
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