Wind Caravan Ceará Brazil

November 17 - December 2, 2001
Cumbuco, near Fortaleza, Ceará

November 17th (Sun.) - December 2nd (Sun.) , 2001

It is a three hour and a half flight to the northeast from São Paulo to Fortaleza, from where the beach of Cumbuco is 35 km away. Brilliant, white dunes extend between the ocean and a lake against the background of a coconut palm forest. Located nine degrees latitude south of the equator, the temperature is almost always 27 degrees Celsius, and a strong wind constantly blows. The changing surface of the dunes makes them seem alive.
One of the greatest choreographers of modern dance, Jirí Kylián, arranged wonderful choreography for the local children. The Brazilian group UAKTI fabricated unique instruments at the site and played their rhythmical and mysterious music. The last Wind Caravan started with such gorgeous and joyful collaboration. Many visitors came to the burning hot site at Barra do Cauípe during the two week period. Through talks and workshops, we became good friends with the local children.
Wind Caravan Ceará Brazil - On the Dunes Near the Equator
December 2, 2001
Susumu Shingu


Opening Ceremony
Saturday November 17, 2001  10:00am - 12:00am

Wind Caravan Site at the dunes of Cumbuco
Brazilian group UAKTI appears from the back of the dunes, playing the unique instruments that they fabricated at the site. 50 of the local children, choreographed by Jirí Kylián, come down the slope of the sand holding pinwheels in their hands. It was a breathtaking moment -- a fantastic sight with mysterious music.


Activities with Children

We visited the elementary school in Cumbuco whose children were to be participants for the opening on November 11. We asked them to make objects using pieces of wood and empty bottles at the beach. Some children drew their impression of Wind Caravan.

On November 16, symposium "Message to Future Earthlings" was held at Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura in Fortaleza. Panelists were Frans Krajcberg, Yusuke Nakahara and Susumu Shingu.
Fishermen in Cumbuco
Setting up triangular sail onto a board, fishermen go out onto the rough sea every morning on this simple sailboat called "Jangada."  

Exhibition "Wind Caravan - Observation of Our Planet"
Thursday November 8 - Sunday November 25, 2001
Instituto Cultural Itaú, Avenue Paulista, São Paulo
Exhibition "Wind Caravan - Observation of Our Planet"
Friday November 9 - Sunday December 2, 2001
Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, Fortaleza

Organized by : Wind Caravan Executive Committee
Endorsed by : Government of State of Ceará, Consulate General of Japan in Recife, Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, Instituto Cultural Itaú, UNESCO, Municipal Prefecture of Caucaia
Supported by : Hermès, DDI Corporation, The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Suntory Limited, The Japan Foundation, Jaime Cupertino Arquitetura LTDA, Shingu Atelier
Cooperated by : Nippon Express Co., Ltd., Toray Industries, Inc., Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd., Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Fuji Film Brazil