" Wind Caravan - Observation of Our Planet "  is an attempt to find out how we can live in harmony with nature and what is true happiness through artistic activities and cultural exchange with local people.
Wind activated sculptures by Susumu Shingu will travel around the world in one year and a half, visiting six of the most characteristic natural environments on the Earth. This project will be completed by participation of those who live at each site. Real time reports will be displayed on this web page,

http : // www.wind-caravan.org


Contents of the Wind Caravan

Sculptures 21 pieces of freestanding sculptures made with lightweight structure and sailcloth, which will interact with the wind.  Easily assembled, they can be installed and dismantled under human power without damaging the surrounding environment.
The crate, which contains the sculptures, fits inside a 20-foot container for transportation and, at each site, transforms into a small wind power station with four windmills and a generator.  It will function as a landmark for Wind Caravan, and the produced electricity will be used to illuminate the sculptures at night.

Symposiums and lectures with participation by Shingu's friends from all over the world who are knowledgeable in various fields.

Workshops and other cultural activities with local residents, especially children.
(Please look at each site for details)

of wind energy
Scientific observation of wind energy at the sites will be conducted by Shingu and Dr. Izumi Ushiyama, an expert in wind energy.

Wind Caravan Executive Committee