A traditional rice planting by local children.
Kyogen performance " Den'en Sambasou" with the music of "Tusuzumi" hand-drums by Genjiro Okura and others.
An Opening Symposium " What We Can Do for the Earth Now"
A parade of Optimist Dinghies by children.
Serving of Hangi and Sushi.
A parade of children on skies and reindeer sledges
Concert by Wimme
Opening Memorial Symposium "Wind - Gift of Our Planet"
Exhibition at SIIDA
Exhibiting the pictures by children at the casbah
Folkloric dance and music at the opening
Bonfire with children with lumberjack's candles from Finland
Naadam festival by children
A kite workshop with 120 children
Shingu's talk at the International Children's Camp
Performance by 50 local children with the choreograph by Jirí Kylián
Performance by the Brazilian group UAKTI, with the creation of unique musical instruments and composition.
Symposium "Message to the Future Earthlings" Centro Dragao do Mar de Arte e Cultura, Fortaleza

Wind Caravan Executive Committee